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The Number One Thing You Can Do To Ensure a Successful Wedding Reception

I have been DJing for over 15 years, and Big Mic Productions has been around for over ten years of that time. I have learned a lot in those years, but there is one thing I have learned that is more important than everything else for couples who want to ensure a successful wedding reception full of memories. It may seem simple when you read it, and it is simple. Keep your guests comfortable.

I am not talking physical comfort (although that is important too, no one wants to sit on hard chairs at the hall), but more emotional comfort. Merriam-Webster defines comfortable as “free from stress or tension,” which is precisely the comfort I am talking about. Tense people don’t want to dance. Guests who are stressed don’t get goofy and wild in the photo booth to provide the couple with entertainment years down the road when looking at the photo booth pics. Guests who are tense leave events early. They don’t talk to the other people at their table. Comfortable guests do all of those things and more.

In order to make your guests as comfortable as possible I am going to suggest something a little crazy. Your wedding reception should be sort of boring and typical. You should have meals people are comfortable with. You should not have any crazy-colored centerpieces or loud chair-covers. While one or two things out of the ordinary may be fine, a wedding filled with unusual ideas has the potential to create discomfort.

A majority of your guests have been to a wedding or two before and they have an idea in their head of what to expect. Basically, your wedding should match those expectations. If you do your guests will be more comfortable. If those expectations are not met, it is anyone’s guess what your guests might do, but they could get stressed and tense, which you do not want.

Keeping guests comfortable on the dance floor means playing the music they heard at the last wedding, or other pop music that they are comfortable with. September and the Cupid Shuffle are played at nearly every wedding reception for a reason. They are fun songs that are easy to dance to. If you play music with an off-beat, or music the majority of your guests aren’t familiar with you risk making them uncomfortable, and that’s no fun for anyone.

Big Mic Productions can help with all of your wedding DJ/MC needs. We have been producing amazing weddings for over 15 years. Let us help you and your guests be comfortable so you both have a blast at your reception! Call or email as soon as possible because dates are filling up every day.

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