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How to Keep Guests Dancing at your Reception

Throughout my more than fifteen years as a DJ, I have learned the trick to keeping the dance floor packed at a reception. The trick to having a great reception is to make your guests comfortable, and the trick to making your guests comfortable on the dance floor is, pop music.

“Pop music” means different things to different people so I will explain. When I say pop music I don’t mean the current Billboard Hot 100 chart. Those songs can and should be included in “pop music,” but you should also include pop country, pop hip-hop, 90s pop, 80s pop, 70s pop, 2000s, pop disco, etc.

Basically, pop music in terms of a wedding reception means music that your guests know. The more your guests know a song, the more likely it is for them to bob along to the music, and the more likely it is for them to get out of their seat and shake it on the dance floor, which is likely your ultimate goal for your reception.

So before you fill up your DJ’s playlist with your favorite songs, make sure they are popular songs that your guests will dance to. There is a reason the same songs are played at many receptions. Those are the songs that guests are the most comfortable with, and those are the songs that create the wildest dance parties.

If you have other music that you really enjoy and want to hear at your wedding there are plenty of other ways to make that happen besides risking a vacant dance floor.

The DJs at Big Mic Productions have tons of experience and can let you know what songs work and don’t work when it comes to wedding receptions. We can set you on the right path towards making your guests comfortable, making them dance their faces off, and giving you the reception of your dreams. Dates are always filling up quickly, so please schedule an appointment and book your reception or other event as soon as possible.

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